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Knowing Which Contractors To Work With

Do you remember the last time you really stopped to think about the safety of your home? I began thinking more and more about safety after we realized that our space had some significant issues with the electrical system, and we worked with some general contractors to take care of things. After that experience, we knew that it was crucial to continue working with experts to make sure things didn't become worse overnight. We began focusing on different aspects of finding the right professionals, and within a few short months, things were a lot easier. This website is here to help other people know which contractors to work with and when.


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Commercial Exterior Painter: Updating An Older Home

If you're looking to put a fresh face on an older home, commercial exterior painting can be the solution you need. When it comes to commercial exterior painting for older homes, a certain level of skill and attention to detail can ensure the best results.

Here are some steps to take when painting an older home:

Under the Paint

For exterior painting to effectively deliver the aesthetic and protection an older home needs, the first part of the job is often fixing what's beneath the paint.


Before starting any work, it's important to assess the condition of the home's exterior. This includes looking for any cracks, peeling paint, or other damage that needs to be repaired before painting can begin. If you notice significant damage, like dry rot, splintering, chipping, or cracking, you may need to replace the exterior siding. You can also patch troublesome spots with wood putty.


After dealing with any damage you find, it's time to prepare the surface for painting. This includes scraping away any loose or peeling paint, filling in any cracks or holes, and sanding the surface to create a smooth, even finish. You might also want to use a pressure washer to completely clean the surface, which will require extra time to dry.

Painting and Protecting

Commercial exterior painting for older homes requires a thorough understanding of paint products.

  • Paint: when selecting paint for an older home, it's important to choose a high-quality product that is specifically designed for exterior use. Consider the climate and weather conditions in your area, as well as the style and age of the home, when choosing a paint color. Consulting a commercial exterior painting professional for tips can also be helpful.
  • Protect: before you start painting, it's important to protect any nearby plants, windows, and other areas that could be damaged by overspray or dripping paint. Cover these areas with plastic sheeting or drop cloths to keep them safe.

Painting and Finishing

Once you complete all the prep work and find the right paint, you can get the job done.

  • Painting: start by applying a primer to the surface, followed by two coats of paint. Be sure to use a consistent stroke and allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next.
  • Finish: when you've finished painting, remove any protective coverings, and dispose of them properly. Touch up any missed spots or drips and allow the paint to dry completely before adding any final touches, such as trim or decorative elements.

To learn more, contact a commercial exterior painting service in your area.