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Knowing Which Contractors To Work With

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Irrigation Maintenance Tips To Improve Your System's Efficiency

Proper irrigation maintenance prolongs your equipment's life and reduces excess water usage. The intervals and specific irrigation maintenance procedures vary based on your system. Because irrigation systems operate out of sight, many issues could go undetected until the problem escalates. Therefore, follow the guidelines below to make your irrigation system more efficient.

Inspect Your System

Inspect your irrigation system for tiled or blocked sprinkler heads, broken pipes, or leaks. Other visible aspects you should inspect are:

  • Dry spots. Several issues that cause dry spots are a big distance between sprinklers, low water pressure, blocked sprinklers, and clogged screens.

  • Soft, wet spots around the in-ground sprinkler head. Wet spots signify a leak from your unit to the ground beneath.

Unclog or space out your sprinklers to prevent excess water use. Then, contact your irrigation maintenance specialist if you need any system repairs.

Manage Your Rain Shut-Off Devices

Your unit has a rain shut-off device if you have an automatic sprinkler system. Keep the rain shut-off device in a place that provides a clear sky view. Also, avoid overhead obstructions and ensure enough space between your irrigation system and items like pool heaters and AC units.

Further, inspect the rain shut-off device regularly to ensure the switch in the control box is on. Then, test to see that the device doesn't work when the controller is on, and there is no rain. You could wet the sensor to verify that the system can't operate when the controller is on. Finally, adjust the sensor to prevent irrigation after a predetermined rainfall.

Ensure Proper Rotor Operations

Although rotors are always almost maintenance-free, a little care goes a long way to improve your system's efficiency. Most erratic problems that cause inefficiencies are simple to detect. Some issues and the associated irrigation maintenance tips for your rotor include:

  • Check for thatch build-up. Organic material can stick between your system's grass blade and the soil. Thin out or remove the thatch to prevent interference with water flow. In older systems, you may have to involve a professional to dig up the rotor and solve the problem.

  • Arc adjustments. Each part of the circle rotor should move entirely through the preset arc pattern. First, inspect to confirm whether the arcs have any problem. Then, adjust them based on the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Worn-out nozzles. A gritty water source and old systems could have a worn-out nozzle that reduces the throw's radius. Replace worn-out nozzles to enhance efficient operations.


Low irrigation efficiency negatively impacts your farm profitability and the environment. But, irrigation system maintenance prevents inefficiencies and saves water and energy consumption. So, use the above tips as a proper irrigation system maintenance guideline. Finally, don't hesitate to consult an expert if you notice any broken components or issues beyond your knowledge.

Contact a company like Lush N' Green to learn more.